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Commercial Roof Cleaning

Low Pressure Roof Cleaning

Structure Roof & Wall Solutions has the equipment and experience to properly clean your roof. Our system uses a blend of chemistry designed to destroy the root and seed of embedded mold, mildew, fungi, algae and pollutants from any roof substrate. Since we do not use high pressure to apply or rinse our solution, we can clean any roof without causing damage. The end result is a restored surface, free from biological growth and dirt. The value of cleaning a commercial roof includes:

• Keeping the manufacturer’s warranty in compliance.

• Reducing the temperature of the roof.

• Extending the life of the roof.

• Substantially easier to find potential wear that needs to be repaired.


Rinse Water Reclamation

In accordance with federal and state ordinances, we have the experience and equipment to capture the rinse water and properly dispose of it. Our rinse water is not allowed to enter storm drains.