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When we apply a Fluid Applied Reinforced Application to an existing roof, you will receive up to a 20 year NDL (no dollar limit) warranty. Our warranties are not the typical roofing warranty with hidden clauses. They are one page in a normal font that says if your roof leaks through a failure of installation or materials we repair it. End of story! Just as importantly, at the end of your warranty period, we can clean your roof, add an additional topcoat and extend your warranty for another 10 years.

Roof Warranty: We cover your building. We cover our work.

Product warranties are fine. But when your roof isn’t properly prepped your warranty is meaningless. Without it, leaks and damage that were simply covered up will reappear. This is why Structure Roof & Wall Solutions will alert you to any and all roof conditions that exist and let those conditions guide our work. Open seams, cracks, blisters, and other damage must be fixed to give your building the full benefit of our Fluid Applied Reinforced Roofing System.

All roofs need to be swept and cleaned prior to the Fluid Applied Reinforced Application. Others roofs may require priming and seam repair. Furthermore, others may need another level of repair or even roof replacement. – Structure Roof & Wall Solutions will not apply the Fluid Applied Reinforced Application to a roof that needs replacement!

We value our clients and the long relationships we form with them. This is why we do our job right the first time. It is also why we fully guarantee our work with a contractor warranty, instead of simply warrantying the product.

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