• Client

    University of Houston

  • Project

    Roof Repair

Company Serviced/Roof Repair: University of Houston – MD Anderson Library

Referred by long-standing client, Rice University, we contacted U of H and provided a full inspection of the MD Anderson Library’s roof; due to the concern of internal water leakage.

Our discover/findings: There is an expansion joint on the 3rd-floor roof where the original portion of the library attaches to the newer addition. This expansion joint and parapet cap had become brittle and the caulking was cracked due to extreme exposure from the sun, causing leakage into conference rooms every time it rained.

The Final Solution: Steps taken to remedy the problem.

  1. Cleaned the expansion joint and parapet cap with our low-pressure cleaning process.
  2. Physically removed the old caulk with scrapers.
  3. Etched the stainless steel parapet cap with sandpaper to ensure good adhesion of our coating.
  4. Applied a coat of Davlin Mastic and polyester fabric along both sides of the expansion joint where it meets the parapet cap. After drying we applied another coat of Davlin Mastic on top of the polyester fabric.
  5. Applied two coats of Davlin Capseal.
  6. Applied one coat of Davlin 3800 topcoat.