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How Do You Know When You Need Reroofing Service?

Keeping your roof in good condition is one of the most important aspects of maintaining a commercial building. The roof of a building is essential to protect the interior from weather elements, and it’s essential to know when it needs repairs, maintenance, or reroofing service. Below are some signs that indicate that your commercial building needs to be reroofed.

Check for Leaks – Water damage can cause mold growth and can also lead to structural damage. Water stains on the walls or ceilings could indicate that there is a leak in the roof.

Look for Sagging– If the roof is sagging or appears to be unstable, it’s a sign that it needs to be replaced. A sagging roof can be a result of water damage or a structural issue, and it’s essential to address it promptly.

Cost Going Up – Our Fluid Applied Reinforced Roofing (FARR) System has a white, reflective top layer that will help lower your energy cost. If you notice that the energy bills have been increasing, it could be due to poor insulation caused by a damaged roof.

Damage – If the roof looks worn out or has cracks, it’s a clear sign that it needs to be reroofed. These issues can lead to more significant problems and can also make the building look unprofessional and unattractive.


Reroofing Service- Pond Filling

Pooling Water – Whether it’s from the design of the roof or the roof’s age, if water is not draining properly off the roof, it can cause damage and lead to leaks. 

It’s vital to keep an eye on the condition of your commercial building’s roof. Most commercial roofs last between 20-30 years, and if it’s been that long, it’s time to start thinking about a reroofing service. If you notice any of the above signs, our Fluid Applied Reinforced Roofing (FARR) System can help. FARR is applied directly onto your existing roof and will significantly extend the life of the roof. To learn more about FARR, contact us here.